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Eastgate Chiropractic in Rivervale

Why Rivervale, You Ask?

We established Eastgate Chiropractic in 2001 in an area that we felt was undergoing vast change and growth. While we found that many new families and city commuters were moving to this area we loved the fact that it is only 10 minutes from the city but that Rivervale has a suburban feel.

From Young Athletes to the Elderly

At Eastgate Chiropractic, we wanted to serve the various demographics of the Rivervale, Belmont & Ascot, Perth area. We love looking after the local elderly, the worker doing fly in fly out work on the mines and looking after the younger residents of this area. Chiropractor Dr Parker has three athletic children and has developed a personal interest in sports chiropractic. Techniques such as Dry Needling and Deep Friction releases are part of the arsenal for treating these sports conditions.

Listening to YOU!

We like to think we are good listeners at Eastgate Chiropractic. We like to be thorough and make sure every patient is given our best care. We also think outside the square when it comes to injuries such as shoulder, hip, hand, elbow, ankle or knee problems. We take pride in keeping our patients healthy, and not requiring surgical intervention.

What Types of Patients Do We See?

At Eastgate Chiropractic, we love to look after all ages, from teenagers to adults. We also may offer help for workers who seek to return to normal employment after injury. We are registered for Veterans’ Affairs, and many patients have treatment costs covered directly from insurance after a motor vehicle accident.

People Always Ask ,”What Caused This to Start Last Week?”

My answer is often that pain is the last thing to occur and that their problems probably started a long time ago. I find it is important to work through all the causes and to make the necessary lifestyle changes to prevent the problem from reoccurring.

Helping the Rivervale Area With Chiropractic Care

I believe there is an over-prescribing of painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications in society today. I wish that people could think more about why their bodies are yelling at them rather than telling their bodies just to “stop complaining.” With chiropractic care, we aim to maximize spinal health so it doesn’t reach the point where it needs to complain.

If chiropractic sounds promising, we encourage you to have a firsthand experience in our Rivervale chiropractic practice. It’s easy to get started. Call today.