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Dr Simon Parker (Chiropractor)

Becoming a Chiropractor

Rivervale Chiropractor, Dr. Simon Parker

Dr Simon Parker (Chiropractor)

Dr Parker (Chiropractor) attended the University of Sydney, where he completed a Bachelor of Science Degree in Medical Sciences. This was followed by Pathology at the University of NSW and formal chiropractic training at Macquarie University.

After graduating from Maquarie University with a Masters Degree in 1993, Dr Parker (Chiropractor) worked in Sydney for a short time before travelling to the UK. He worked and travelled in Europe for six years.

Helping Patients through Chiropractic

“I used to love meeting the vast variety of people who attended my clinics in Bath and Bristol. Many of the patients were unfamiliar with chiropractic and spinal health. A large part of my job was taking the time to explain clearly what their condition was and what might be done to set them on the road to recovery. It was very satisfying to see people improve when they had accepted that they “would always have a bad back.”

Dr Parker (Chiropractor) has a lot of experience in paediatric chiropractic, especially with his growing family. We often follow patients from early days of pregnancy, through to the birth and then gently checking the spinal health of their new born baby.

At Home with Dr. Parker

Dr Parker (Chiropractor) is married to Beverly and has three children, Luke, Abby and Tom. All participate in athletics and enjoy fresh produce from our home garden. In potato season you may find some free organic produce on our front counter. One reason for moving to Perth in 2000 was because of Simon’s love of windsurfing and the great outdoors.

Thank you for visiting our site. I hope it can be a source of hope and healing. I consider myself to be a good listener and would find it a pleasure to work through any health issues with you. If you have any questions, please call me at Eastgate Chiropractic or click on the email us button at the top of any page.